About ESL Wanderlust

ESL is an acronym for English as a Second Language, while Wanderlust is what struck me in Spring 2012; causing me to leave my home in NY, America, and move to Beijing. While studying Mandarin at a college dedicated to foreigners learning Chinese, I took a job teaching English to the Chinese to support myself. That job has transformed into the next 5 years of my life, and China is only the first country I plan to explore and teach in. I’ve found since I moved away, many people have been curious and astounded by the experiences I’ve had. I’ve decided to create a blog to share and document these experiences, as well as to reach and educate more people. I want to tell you about cultures and lifestyles you knew little about. I want to show you the sights you’ll see in magazines, as well as the sights you won’t see unless you were here yourself. I want you to know what it’s like to live in these countries and what their customs are, as I experience their ups and downs for you. Most of all, I want to figure out the learning curve for you while creating a guide for anybody else who develops the urge to wander. I want to help you plan and know what to expect for your own adventure. I hope you enjoy the travels of a city kid lost in the world.Datong


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