I’m a Mixed Blood Half-Breed

Yesterday I saw yet another strange side of Chinese culture while smoking hookah at a Turkish restaurant. I’d been chatting with one of the Chinese servers, telling him how much I enjoy Arabic food. I told him about the time I’d brought my parents to this restaurant when they were visiting Beijing, and how I thought it was one of the best places in the city to get authentic Turkish food (I’ll tell all of you as well, if you’re in Beijing, A Thousand and One Nights is a must for anybody who enjoys belly dancers, hookah and Turkish food). He asked me why I liked Arabic food so much if I’m an American, and when I’d told him some of my friends from home were Arabic, he seemed puzzled, asking me, “But I thought you were American?” Slightly confused now as well, I confirmed this again, and added that they’re also American. This didn’t really help to clear things up like I’d hoped; it only confused him even more. When I informed him that a lot of my family is French but that we’re all American, his face scrunched up in bafflement. He asked me, “So you’re French then?” and again, I had to repeat myself, “No, I am American.” He asked me if I could speak French, and seemed even more disturbed when I’d responded, “No, I can only speak some German.” He repeated himself, “But you’re French?” He seemed like he was starting to get frustrated, probably convinced that I was fucking with him, and I realized that he probably didn’t understand that most Americans are the descendants of immigrants. He looked like he finally got it after hearing this, though it was clear that even though he understood my meaning, this was still a strange concept for him to grasp. I told him that some Americans are 4th generation immigrants, while others are only 1st generation immigrants, but that every family in America was originally from somewhere else (Native Americans, please don’t hate me as you read this… he was confused enough at this point and I didn’t want to throw him anymore curve balls. By the way, sorry for our genocidal scumbag ancestors and Columbus Day). This was when I’d thought it clicked for him, as he began nodding and pointing, “Oh, oh, I know, I know.” Then he asked me if I was a Chinese phrase that I didn’t recognize. Expecting to see a word like multicultural or biracial, I was stunned into silence once I’d found its meaning on my phone’s dictionary; the phrase directly translated to ‘mixed blood’ and ‘half breed.’ I sat there in a stupor, contemplating whether or not I should be offended, as he continued on to tell me how all Chinese people are ‘pure bloods,’ and how proud he was to have such a strong culture. He smiled and thanked me before returning to his duties, telling me he’d never known that ‘all Americans mixed their bloods like that.’ And with those parting words he left me to sit there, wondering if I’d just been insulted or if the meaning of the phrase had been lost in translation or a cultural gap.
I thought about that phrase for the rest of my hookah session, and managed to came to three conclusions. First off, puggles are legit. They make awesome pets and are practically the half breed kings of the dog world. Second, Tiger Woods wrecks people in golf and he’s a Blazian in one of the whitest sports there is. Lastly, when it comes to the history of the world and China as a nation, their doors have been open to foreigners for barely a respective minute. The Chinese had only been having children with other Chinese people before this, and for the last several centuries up until the early 90’s, when Western people really began to start lives in China and mix into their communities, biracial dating was probably unheard of. Many Chinese families have incredibly strict values as well, and even though foreigners have been living in China for over 20 years, cross cultural relationships are still generally frowned upon. The majority of Chinese people, at the very least, dislike foreigner-Chinese relationships, and this probably isn’t going to stop for another 20 years. This xenophobia is especially strong within the older generations, though I’m not really sure if I could blame them for this; many had never seen a white man in real life until after the age of 50! They say ideas die with generations, but if the gender gap continues to widen and the shortage of women and wives in China keeps increasing, then angry young men will probably be more than happy to carry on the torch even after all of the elderly have passed. When you analyze China’s recent history and factor in the multiple social issues concerning ‘the mixing of blood,’ I guess it really isn’t all that weird when a twenty year old waiter who’s lived in Beijing his whole life has trouble understanding multiculturalism. I just hope I didn’t contribute to the next racial slur.

"All those American Mud-Bloods are mixing again!"

“God damn it! Those American Mud-Bloods are mixing again!”

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